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  About Lanvaux

Lanvaux Computer Games Limited has been established in 2017.

Its purpose is to deliver ground breaking video games that will both immerse and transport players so as to challenge their perspectives.

Meaning & Origin of the name

`What does it mean ?' is quite surprisingly the question I (Germain Le Chapelain, founder) get asked the most frequently about the company.

The answer is: not much! At least to me.

The geographic district in Brittany where I am from is sometimes informally referred to as the `Landes of Lanvaux'.
It is an area somewhat distinctive of its surroundings, which as to do with the geological formation underneath it.

`Lande' is a french common noun designating an uncultivated area. It somewhat carries the connotation that the area is not cultivable, or at least not worthily.

As for `Lanvaux', I don't know what it means nor comes from. Perhaps was it referring to the name of the region, or a broader one encompassing the moors themselves.